We are young, enterprising and enthusiastic about our work. Our strength lies in our hands and our objectives are quality and reliability - that is exactly what Blue Marlin stands for and is the secret of our success.

Ever since the company was established in 1996 , we have focused on one idea: telling the world about one of Sardinia’s tastiest foods,botargo, and teaching people to appreciate it. We started with salting, seasoning and drying salmon – which is not a Sardinian food - and decided to launch botargo on the international food market. We believe we can win this challenge.

We mix ancient traditions with modern technology, the skills of our grandfathers with modern tools. For these reasons we have chosen to tell the world of a traditional process (which preserves the taste and pleasure of this food) using the Internet, which “spreads” all over the world. Eating tasty food is a need that must be satisfied. We wish to tell Australian, American, English, Arab and German food lovers and gourmands about our mouth-watering botargo.

There is no doubt about it: it is not easy to resist the temptation of this slightly salty food that smells of beaches, crystal-clear sea and sun, especially when it is cold outside and the summer holidays are just a distant memory…

We, Blue Marlin , are certain that a small taste is enough to attract even the most demanding food lovers, who will love the only food – botargo – that can compete with the most expensive caviar.

It is possible?
It is more than just possible. It is a fact. First offer people a plate of steaming spaghetti with botargo online, then place this delicious Sardinian amber-coloured dish on the table in front of them.
All you need is a click, as you are sitting comfortably in front of your pc.
Hundreds of tourists come to Sardinia every year and they always ask for a second helping - most go home with botargo as a souvenir. Why deny people the chance to enjoy this food simply because they have never been able to come back to Sardinia? “If the Mountain will not go to Mohamed, Mohamed will go to the Mountain”. This is what we said one day - and that is how we ended up talking about our golden treasureon the Web.
Our mullet botargo, marketed as "Gargia d'oro", is available whole or ground, in packets and jars. Quality is always our prime concern, in every phase, including storage.

We use vacuum packaging to preserve the taste and smell of this special food. It is the best kind of guarantee.
Blue Marlin believes as much... taste to believe.

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